Picnic Shelters

There are eight shelters for rent at Little Creek Park situated near ball fields and/or playground equipment. Ballfields are not included with shelter rentals. All of our shelters are equipped with grills, restroom facilities, and electricity. Off-street parking is available at all locations for your safety and convenience. The shelters are of various sizes and range in price starting from $70 per day from 8 am to 10 pm. Contact the reservation office at 304-768-1909 to reserve the shelter that is best suited to your needs.

Swing adjacent shelters – 1,4,9.

Full playground adjacent shelters – 2,6,12.

Shelter 1- swings only, handicap accessible, party of 40 or less

Shelter 1 Playground

Shelter 1

Shelter 2- full playground, handicap accessible,, party of 100 or less

Shelter 2

Shelter 2 Playground

Shelter 4- swing sets only, party of 75 or less, after 1pm on Saturdays

Shelter 4

Shelter 6- full playground, party of 40 or less

Shelter 6 Playground

Shelter 6

Shelter 9- swing sets only, handicap accessible, party of 75 or less

Shelter 9

Shelter 10- handicap accessible, party of 100 or less, no rentals on Saturdays.

Available weekdays until 4pm

Shelter 10

Shelter 12- full playground, party of 100 or less

Shelter 12 Playground

Shelter 12

Soap Box Pavilion- handicap accessible, party of 125 or less

Soap Box Pavilion